How To Handle Mutual Relationships When Your Heart Is Broken

Navigating post-breakup dynamics is a challenge, especially when mutual friends and family are intertwined. 

Here’s a structured guide to help manage these relationships:

1. Shared Best Friend: The Unintended Referee


  • Immerse them in your emotional turmoil or burden them with choosing sides.
  • Press them for inside information about your ex.
  • Expect them to always be available to listen to your venting sessions.


  • Respect and appreciate their neutrality.
  • Address issues with your ex directly to avoid making your friend a messenger.
  • Understand that they have relationships with both of you and should be allowed to maintain both without pressure.
  • Offer gratitude for their support during tough times, acknowledging the difficult position they’re in.

2. Mutual Friends Circle: The Social Balancing Act


  • Arrive unannounced to gatherings, creating potential tension.
  • Badmouth your ex, placing friends in a compromised situation.
  • Try to gather allies or make friends choose sides.


  • Prioritize open communication about event attendance.
  • Recognize and respect the comfort level of mutual friends.
  • Focus on personal healing rather than social dynamics.
  • Allow yourself and your ex some space, understanding you both might need different social support systems.

3. Family Ties: The Over-Engaged Relative


  • Allow the continuous referencing of your ex without expressing your feelings.
  • Take out frustrations on family members who may not fully grasp the situation.
  • Expect them to automatically know or understand your boundaries.


  • Politely and firmly set boundaries with family members.
  • Offer some insight into your healing process to help them understand.
  • Remember that they too might be navigating their own feelings about the breakup.
  • Seek comfort in family bonds but be clear about your emotional needs.

4. Office Space: The Colleague Conundrum


  • Let personal feelings hinder professional duties.
  • Engage in office gossip about your relationship.
  • Avoid or be confrontational with your ex, making the workplace tense.


  • Keep a clear line between personal and professional spheres.
  • Focus on teamwork and mutual respect in the professional setting.
  • Find a neutral space or time, outside of work hours, if you need to discuss anything personal.
  • Consider seeking new professional opportunities if the current environment becomes too stressful or impacts your well-being.

5. Joint Hobby Enthusiasts: Reclaiming Individual Passion


  • Let past memories overshadow your passion for the hobby.
  • Use the group as a platform to air personal grievances.
  • Push the other out of shared spaces or activities.


  • Communicate openly about shared interests and how to continue participating without tension.
  • Re-establish individual identities within the group.
  • Look for ways to either share the space harmoniously or find alternative sessions/groups.
  • Respect and remember the primary reason you both joined – the shared hobby or interest.

Breaking up is tough, and figuring out how to deal with mutual friends and shared spots just adds another layer. 

But we’ve all been there, and these tips should help you find your way.

Every situation is different, so while these are some general guidelines, always do what feels right for you.

Dealt with a tricky post-breakup situation we didn’t touch on? 

Drop it in the comments. We’re all in this together, and sharing is caring.

Let’s chat and help each other out! 

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